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Beginning March 2017, the MNREAD test is available as an iPad app in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese. Additional language options will be added. For more information about the iPad app, visit the Apple App Store at


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The MNREAD Acuity Charts are continuous text reading acuity charts for normal and low vision.

The charts are used to assess how reading performance depends on print size. Three measures of reading performance are easily obtained: Reading Acuity the smallest print that can just be read; Maximum Reading Speed the reading speed when performance is not limited by print size; and Critical Print Size the smallest print that supports the maximum reading speed. A fourth measure, called the Reading Accessibility Measure, was introduced and described by Calabrèse et al (2016).

Calabrèse, A., Owsley, C., McGwin, G. & Legge, G.E. (2016). Development of a reading accessibility Index using the MNREAD acuity chart. JAMA Ophthalmology, 134(4), 398-405. (article) (PDF)

The MNREAD Acuity Charts have a wide range of applications in testing normal and low vision: prescribing optical corrections for reading, or other near tasks in the eye clinic, in low vision assessment, prescribing magnifiers or other reading aids, applications in pediatrics and special education, and research. The MNREAD test is widely used as an outcome measure in clinical trials of treatments for vision disorders.

The MNREAD Acuity Charts were developed at the Minnesota Laboratory for Low-Vision Research, University of Minnesota, by:

The five English versions of the MNREAD Acuity Charts are distributed exclusively by Precision Vision Inc. The Spanish versions are also distributed by Precision Vision.

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As of September 2020, the MNREAD test has been developed in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, German, Dutch and Japanese.

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