Lab Personnel

Lab Members at Gordon's home for the 2019 Lab Holiday Party.

Headshot photo of Gordon in black and white.


Gordon E. Legge

Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Director of Minnesota Laboratory for Low-Vision Research

Department of Psychology

Email: [email protected]

Current Lab Members
Rachel in a dress holding a dog. The dog is licking her face.

Rachel Gage

Researcher 3 & Lab Manager
Department of Psychology

Email: [email protected]



Ying-Zi Xiong smiling while standing in a train station

Ying-Zi Xiong

Postdoc Research Associate
Department of Psychology

Email: [email protected]
Personal Website:



Nam smiling and wearing a striped shirt.

Nam Ahn Nguyen 

Research Assistant
Department of Psychology

Email: [email protected]




Nilsu Atilgan smiling while sitting on a boulder in a forest.

Nilsu Atilgan

Grad Student
Department of Psychology

Email: [email protected]



Andrew holding a chicken next to his face.

Andrew Freedman

Grad Student
Department of Psychology

Email: [email protected]



Siyun Liu standing next to a railing in Elliott Hall

Siyun Liu

Grad Student
Department of Psychology

Email: [email protected] 



Walter smiling and wearing a dark shirt.

Walter Wu

Grad Student
Department of Psychology

Email: [email protected]




Colin Flowers

Post Doc Research Associate
Department of Psychology

Email: [email protected]


Former Lab Members

Post Docs

Graduate Students

  • Jacob Achtemeier
    General Mills
  • Hiro Akutsu
    Niigata University of Rehabilitation
  • Yihwa Baek
    Post Doc Fellow, Yonsei University
  • Paul Beckmann[email protected]
  • Tiana Bochsler
  • Wendy Braje – [email protected]
    Professor, Dept of Psychology, SUNY Plattsburgh
  • Sing-Hang Cehung[email protected] Associate Prof, Dept of Psychology, University of Hong Kong
  • Nick Giudice – [email protected]Professor, Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine
  • Anshul Gupta
  • Xuanzi He – [email protected]
    Grad Student, Boston University
  • Yingchen He – [email protected]
    Assistant Prof, Dept of Psychology, NC State University
  • Lisa Isenberg – [email protected]
    Emeritus Professor, Dept of Psychology, University of Wisconsin River Falls
  • Amy Kalia Singh
    User Experience Researcher, Google
  • Chris Kallie – [email protected]
    Global Tactile LLC
  • Dan Kersten – [email protected]
    Professor, Dept of Psychology, University of Minnesota
  • Tim Klitz – [email protected]
    Professor, Dept of Psychology, Washington & Jefferson College
  • MiYoung Kwon – [email protected] Assistant Prof, Dept of Psychology, Northeastern University
  • Neeraj Mishra
  • Advait Ogale
  • Alberto Ortiz – [email protected] Professor, Dept of Psychology, Minneapolis Community and Technical College
  • Sravan Puchakayala
  • Rudrava Roy
    Invisible Computing
  • Gary Rubin – [email protected]
    Emeritus Professor, Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London
  • Bosco Tjan
    Professor, Dept of Psychology, University of Southern California
  • Hui Wang – [email protected]
    Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Deyue (Dion) Yu – [email protected]
    Associate Professor, College of Optometry, Ohio State University

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Ameara Alyyoussef
  • Sori Baek
  • Jeffrey Boucher
  • Muzi Chen
  • Emily Gage
  • Safa Gamam
  • Christina Granquist
  • Thomas Hooven
  • Luka Krmpotich
  • Jennifer Mamrosh
  • Brenna Pham
  • Sarah Sass
  • Mark Schatza
  • Jennifer Scholz
  • Ryan Solinsky
  • Gunnar Wagoner


  • Christina Granquist – [email protected]
    Accessibility Consultant, User Experience Dept, US Bank
  • Jamie Haas[email protected]
    Department of Radiology, University of Chicago
  • Andrew Luebker

Visiting Scholars

  • Hugo Bruggeman
    Regulatory Affairs Specialist, 3M
  • Toshiko Mochizuki
  • Koichi Oda
    Professor, Tokyo Woman's Christian University
  • Celina Tamaki