Gordon's Science Fiction Novel

... a science fiction novel for young adults and anyone who cares about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). ...a story about kids, aliens, the internet, the past, the present, and the future!



By Gordon E. Legge

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What's The Book About?

Alex McIntosh and Jeffrey Wong were best friends. Alex was a stocky, redheaded thirteen-year-old with chubby cheeks. He had a calm and mellow disposition. Jeffrey was a wiry, excitable kid with black hair. His arms and legs were usually in motion. Both boys were computer whizzes, part of a new generation of kids who were more familiar with cyberspace than with their own back yards.

One steamy night in July, the boys saw a red spot with a long thin tail in the sky. As they watched, the spot grew brighter and brighter. Suddenly, they realized that it was coming directly at them. They could hear a deep rumbling sound, building toward a crescendo. The glowing red spot expanded in the sky like an exploding ball of fire as it plummeted toward them. In terror, they dashed for cover, diving beneath the bushes at the edge of the house. There was a blinding flash, followed by a loud explosion, and a shock wave ...

This book tells about Alex and Jeffrey's adventures in discovering the secret of the strange object that came out of the sky that night. At first, scientists from NASA's project on Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence were interested, but soon they discounted the Sassaphron Messenger as a hoax. Alex and Jeffrey's persistent search for clues turned up an intriguing surprise, an internet connection with a mysterious new friend named Michelle. Should they believe her story about impending disaster and the importance of saving the Sassaphron Messenger? With Michelle's enigmatic advice to guide them, the boys turn their attention to the strange markings engraved on the Sassaphron Messenger. Alex and Jeffrey's quest to understand the message and to make sense of their cyber pal Michelle, leads them to an ultimate confrontation with nature.

This is a story of friendship, courage, determination and heroism. It is a story of kids having fun using their minds, but also responding to their feelings. It is a tale of fact and fancy woven together in surprising ways, and of the past, the present and the future.

The author is a psychologist, also with a degree in physics, who has a special interest in astronomy and relativity theory. His story is science fiction, set in a contemporary context, but fiction that just might come true.

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