Research Articles


Reading : Normal and Low Vision 

  1. Recent Articles on Reading (2003 and after)
  2. Psychophysics of Reading Series (Papers I - XX) 
  3. MNREAD and Clinical Tests
  4. Other Articles on Reading and Vision
  5. Mr. Chips: An Ideal Observer Model of Reading
  6. Dyslexia
  7. Letter Recognition 

MNREAD and Clinical Tests

Spatial Navigation and Visual Accessibility

  1. Spatial Navigation 
  2. Designing Visually Accessible Spaces
  3. 3D Depth and Direction

Object Recognition

Basic Psychophysics

  1. Binocular Vision 
  2. Contrast and Spatial Frequency 
  3. Accommodation and Lens 
  4. Visual Patterns 
  5. Hearing 


Other Low-Vision Related Topics 

  1. Visual Impairment and Brain Reorganization 
  2. MNREAD and Other Clinical Tests
  3. Color 
  4. Motion 
  5. Methods, Definitions and History